Guide to the Oklahoma Spoonbill Fishing Season

Guide to the Oklahoma Spoonbill Fishing Season

Spoonbill fishing season is a world-class fishing experience right here in Oklahoma. People come from all over the world to catch one of the spoonbills, also known as paddlefish. Shangri-La Resort created this guide about the Oklahoma spoonbill fishing season so you can join in on the action. Book your stay today in one of the top luxury resorts in the Grand Lake, Oklahoma, area to join in on this world-class fishing adventure.

A World-Class Fishing Experience in Oklahoma

Spoonbill fishing season is a massive deal in Oklahoma. It draws in people from all over the world to the resorts in Grand Lake to get in on the action. People are drawn to Grand Lake during spoonbill season because the eggs make for some of the world’s best caviar and the prehistoric paddlefish are gigantic. The earliest fossil records of paddlefish are well before the time of dinosaurs. Paddlefish can live to be 50 years old and can grow to a massive 200 pounds and 10 feet long. 

The Paddlefish Research Center

The Paddlefish Research Center is located by Grand Lake and is a little less than a 30-minute drive from Shangri-La Resort. After a day of Oklahoma fishing fun, you can bring your paddlefish to the Paddlefish Research Center to have them cleaned and put into heat-sealed bags for free. During the process, workers collect the eggs from the female paddlefish to sell them on the international caviar market. The funds go towards improving Oklahoma fishing and decreasing poaching.

Head to Grand Lake, Oklahoma, for World-Class Fishing

One of the greatest paddlefish fishing spots in the world is Grand Lake in Oklahoma. The best time to catch paddlefish is during the spring spawning run. This happens from early March through late April. You can book your stay at Shangri-La Resort, one of the best resorts on Grand Lake. We offer plush rooms, fine dining, a luxurious spa, and many incredible amenities

Oklahoma Spoonbill Fishing Season Tips

  • Make sure you know the up-to-date Oklahoma fishing regulations with more information on their website.
  • Paddlefish are gigantic, with most weighing at least 50 pounds. Make sure you have fishing equipment that can accommodate their large size.
  • The best way to catch paddlefish is using the rolling and snagging method. You can do this by dragging a hook and weight behind a moving boat. You don’t need to use lures because lures don’t attract paddlefish. They feed on microscopic creatures that live on the lake floor.

Book your stay today at Shangri-La Resort on Grand Lake, Oklahoma, for a world-class fishing experience!