Complete boat and engine repair services are provided at Shangri-La Marina by Nichols Marine. The experienced crew at Nichols Marine at Shangri-La can provide regularly scheduled maintenance including periodic checks of fluid levels, belt and hose conditions and impellers – even annual winterization and dewinterization of all systems; but we’re also anxious to jump on those immediate and unexpected problems that may arise.

In addition to complete mechanical repairs, Nichols Marine at Shangri-La also offers a wide range of cosmetic repair services including complete yacht restoration services. Canvas, glass, isinglass, and upholstery repairs and replacement services are also available.

It doesn’t matter if your problem is big or small, our capable service crew stands ready to make it disappear. We’re here to make sure your boating experience is fun – every time! Contact Nichols Marine at 918-257-5500 or visit their website at