Michael Williams

Mike Williams is both a longtime Grand Laker, a Shangri-La historical authority, and a recognized advertising, communications, public relations, and government relations expert. He has a broad base of radio, television, and newspaper experience, having served during his career as Assistant News Director for KTOK Radio and the Oklahoma Radio News Network, Managing Editor of KWTV News 9 in Oklahoma City, and Managing Editor of The Chronicle of Grand Lake.

Mike and his wife, Cari, owned an advertising, public relations, government relations, and political consulting firm in Oklahoma City for many years before moving to Grand Lake full-time in 1993. Mike and Cari were Grand Lake enthusiasts long before moving to the lake full-time. They have owned boats and weekend Grand Lake residences since the 1970s and were members of the original Shangri-La Resort.

Mike supervises all communications, public relations, and government relations efforts for the entire Shangri-La operation. He serves as Vice-President of the Oklahoma Marinas Association. He serves on the Board of Directors for that association, the Lake O’ The Cherokees Watershed Association, the South Grand Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Grove Area Chamber of Commerce, where he has also served as Chairman.

In 2022, Mike was honored as “Grand Laker of the Year.”

Mike and Cari live in the midst of Shangri-La Golf Club’s course in Vista Tower. They are well-known Monkey Islanders, having raised their four grown children, all graduates of Grove High School on the Island.