Horseback Riding Oklahoma

Ride Into Fall Horseback Riding in Monkey Island, Oklahoma

Most of us dreamed of horseback riding as a child, and some were lucky enough to grow up doing it. Whether you’re a beginner or one of the lucky ones who grew up around horses, Monkey Island, Oklahoma, is the perfect place to enjoy the splendor of horseback riding. 

Book your stay at Shangri- La Resort to enjoy horseback riding with gorgeous Grand Lake views this fall. Our stunning lake resort is nestled on Monkey Island and features luxurious amenities, fine dining, a thrilling activity park, a relaxing spa, and so much more. After a day of horseback riding, rest your head at one of the best resorts in Oklahoma. 

Enjoy Horseback Riding Along Grand Lake in Oklahoma

Horseback riding with magnificent views of the Grand Lake in Oklahoma is a sight worth traveling for. Royal Horse Ranch is located on the stunning Monkey Island, where you can embark on a guided Horseback riding trail. This ranch sports over 150 acres of gorgeous Grand Lake scenery and sunny pastures. It’s located just a quick drive away from Shangri-La Resort.

Best Horseback Riding Lessons Near Monkey Island, Oklahoma

If you’re new to horseback riding, we strongly recommend you schedule some excellent riding lessons at Royal Horse Ranch. They offer private lessons every day except Tuesday, which you can schedule an appointment for. Proper horseback riding footwear and a helmet must be worn at all times, but some are available for students who don’t have their own.

Horseback Riding Tips for Beginners

  • It is super important that you wear a helmet at all times when horseback riding. Horseback riding is fun, but just like wearing your seatbelt in the car, wearing a helmet can save your life in case anything happens. 
  • Make sure you learn the basics of horse body language. One thing you should look at is your horse’s ears. If they are pinned back, the horse is upset and about to bite or kick.
  • Working on your balance is an essential part of becoming a skilled horseback rider. Check out this great article from the Horseriding Network for some great tips on learning how to balance on your horse.

Book your stay today at Shangri-La Resort to enjoy a horseback riding adventure in Oklahoma!