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Spend the Holidays in One of the Best Resorts in Oklahoma

The warm weather from fall and summer may have left us, but winter has its own unique charm. The holiday season is full of cheer and precious time spent with loved ones. This is also a great time to book your stay in one of the best resorts on Grand Lake in Oklahoma. 

Shangri-La Resort is nestled on Monkey Island, Oklahoma, and offers a memorable mix of luxury and adventure to guests no matter the weather outside. Some of the premium amenities & attractions you can enjoy at our Grand Lake resort are an activity park, fine dining, a spa, stunning golf courses, pickleball courts, and plush accommodations for your stay in Oklahoma. Book your stay today at Shangri-La Resort to fill your family holiday season with comfort, and priceless memories.

Enjoy Golfing Indoors at One of the Best Resorts in Oklahoma

You can enjoy your favorite outside sports in the comfort of indoors with Shangri-La Resort’s Simulator Bays. The two simulator bays feature golf and shooting activities and are located inside The Anchor. Enjoy a day of golfing at one of our TrackMan Professional Simulators that utilizes state-of-the-art technology. We have digitized Shangri-La Resort’s stunning Grand Lake golf courses, so our guests can enjoy them no matter the weather outside in Monkey Island, Oklahoma. Our guests, ages 16 and older, can also enjoy our resort’s hunting or enemy target shooting games. 

Your group can also rent out the simulator bays by the hour. Non-members can rent the simulator bays during the week for $40 per hour and $50 per hour Friday-Sunday. Members can rent the simulator bays for $30 per hour any day of the week. The simulator bays are open during the same times as The Anchor

  • Sunday – Thursday, 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
  • Friday – Saturday, 10:00 a.m. – midnight. 

Have a Blast at Our Resort’s Arcade on Grand Lake, Oklahoma

Explore the virtual reality and traditional games at our resort’s arcade during your holiday getaway to Grand Lake, Oklahoma. The Anchor has plenty of classic arcade games, such as skeeball or Space Invaders battles. Or you can embrace the advances of modern gaming and experience state-of-the-art virtual reality games. In our virtual reality games, you can fight zombies or race in a Ferrari on our CXC Racing Simulator!

You can find Shangri-La Resort’s arcade in The Anchor near the Fenway Wiffleball Field. You can have a blast playing our resort’s games during your Oklahoma holiday vacation by putting money on a special Anchor Game Card. The traditional arcade games average $1-2 per play, and the Virtual Reality games average $5-6 per play.

Book the holiday vacation of your dreams at Shangri- La Resort in Monkey Island, Oklahoma! 

You can also book The Anchor for your group at 918-257-5205!

Racquet Club and Golf Events

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We invite you to enjoy the Racquet Club while visiting or staying at Shangri-La Resort.

Todd Kerr is a USPTA Pro and the Director of the Racquet Club with 28 years of coaching experience, along with Levi Kerr, a USPTA Pro and the Assistant Director of the Racquet Club.

Members of Shangri-La Resort have free outdoor court access. Guests may reserve and play at the following rates: $20 per hour on weekdays and $30 per hour on weekends (Paddles and Balls are available for use if needed)

Indoor Pickleball Courts are available for rent/play inside the dome per the discretion of The Racquet Club & The Anchor Staff. Two tennis courts are multi-lined inside the dome, giving an additional six pickleball courts for indoor use.

Indoor courts are NOT air-conditioned; therefore, usage is generally during cooler seasons/rainy mornings.

Call The Racquet Club

Ride Into Fall Horseback Riding in Monkey Island, Oklahoma

Most of us dreamed of horseback riding as a child, and some were lucky enough to grow up doing it. Whether you’re a beginner or one of the lucky ones who grew up around horses, Monkey Island, Oklahoma, is the perfect place to enjoy the splendor of horseback riding. 

Book your stay at Shangri- La Resort to enjoy horseback riding with gorgeous Grand Lake views this fall. Our stunning lake resort is nestled on Monkey Island and features luxurious amenities, fine dining, a thrilling activity park, a relaxing spa, and so much more. After a day of horseback riding, rest your head at one of the best resorts in Oklahoma. 

Enjoy Horseback Riding Along Grand Lake in Oklahoma

Horseback riding with magnificent views of the Grand Lake in Oklahoma is a sight worth traveling for. Royal Horse Ranch is located on the stunning Monkey Island, where you can embark on a guided Horseback riding trail. This ranch sports over 150 acres of gorgeous Grand Lake scenery and sunny pastures. It’s located just a quick drive away from Shangri-La Resort.

Best Horseback Riding Lessons Near Monkey Island, Oklahoma

If you’re new to horseback riding, we strongly recommend you schedule some excellent riding lessons at Royal Horse Ranch. They offer private lessons every day except Tuesday, which you can schedule an appointment for. Proper horseback riding footwear and a helmet must be worn at all times, but some are available for students who don’t have their own.

Horseback Riding Tips for Beginners

  • It is super important that you wear a helmet at all times when horseback riding. Horseback riding is fun, but just like wearing your seatbelt in the car, wearing a helmet can save your life in case anything happens. 
  • Make sure you learn the basics of horse body language. One thing you should look at is your horse’s ears. If they are pinned back, the horse is upset and about to bite or kick.
  • Working on your balance is an essential part of becoming a skilled horseback rider. Check out this great article from the Horseriding Network for some great tips on learning how to balance on your horse.

Book your stay today at Shangri-La Resort to enjoy a horseback riding adventure in Oklahoma!

Discover the Anchor During Your Trip to Monkey Island, OK

No matter how much you love the outdoors, there will always be days when the weather is too much to bear. The Anchor is the new 11,000-square-foot activity park at Shangri-La Resort and is the perfect place to find refuge from any bad weather during your vacation in Monkey Island, OK. We are proud to be one of the finest resorts in Oklahoma and are excited to offer this as another deluxe amenity at our resort on Grand Lake

Enjoy the Best Gaming Experience in Monkey Island, OK

  • Enjoy thrilling adventures in our virtual-reality games.
  • Another one of our stand out amenities is that we are one of the top golf resorts and feature one of the best golf courses in Oklahoma. No matter the weather, you can still enjoy a fun day of golfing on one of our golf simulators.
  • Enjoy arcade games, shooting simulators and more when you explore The Anchor!

The Anchor Sports Bar and Food Galley

Take a break from your day of exciting activities to recharge with delicious food and cocktails at our sports bar and food galley. While you chow down on refreshments and cocktails, there are multiple TV screens, pool tables, and ping pong tables to enjoy with your friends and family. 

The Anchor Food Galley has many fun food choices, like hot dogs, burgers, salads, mac-n-cheese wedges, flatbreads, and more! The Anchor Sports Bar specializes in martinis, signature rum drinks, and margaritas.

Relax in the Outdoor Lounge Area

Once the sun has set, you can have a dreamy evening relaxing by one of the two firepits. The outdoor lounge also has a fishing pond so you can watch your kids have a blast fishing off the dock or playing cornhole. 

This outdoor lounge area has several opportunities for friendly competition. You can shoot hoops at one of the outdoor basketball courts. Or you could feel like a kid again while you enjoy playing wiffle ball at the miniature Fenway Park replica.

The Racquet Club Facility

No matter your skill level, you can enjoy the outdoor tennis and pickleball courts at the Racquet Club Facility. If you’re a beginner, Todd Kerr, director of the Shangri-La Racquet Club, is available for coaching and instruction lessons. You can also find all the tennis and pickleball gear you need at the Tennis Pro Shop. There are many friendly and knowledgeable team members there who can help you find the right gear! 

The Racquet Club Facility in Monkey Island, OK

You can call 918-257-7781 for more information and to reserve your court time.

Discover The Anchor by booking your stay today at one of the finest resorts in Monkey Island, OK!

Your Watersports Guide to Monkey Island

There’s never a bad time to enjoy watersports near Monkey Island. The waters surrounding Monkey Island are perfect for all kinds of water activities. When you’re on vacation to Northeast Oklahoma, getting out on the water and enjoying thrilling activities is an ideal way to spend a day. 

With our location on Monkey Island, the team at Shangri-La Resort knows a thing or two about watersports. We’re here to help you plan a fun-filled day on the lake. Here’s our guide to watersports near Monkey Island. 

Boating Near Monkey Island

With deep water and wide channels, Grand Lake is the perfect place for boating. On a daily basis, you’ll find boats of all types out on the lake. If you have your own boat, bring it on your trip with you, Shangri-La has a full-service 240 boat slip marina at the resort. Don’t own a boat? Don’t worry; we offer boat rentals as well. Our boat rentals on Monkey Lake include:

  • Fishing Boats
  • Ski Boats
  • Pontoon Boats
  • Tritoon Boats

With our rentals, you will be out on the water in no time, and you’ll be able to spend an idyllic day cruising Grand Lake. Pack your sunscreen and some beverages, and you’re in for a glorious day on one of the best boating lakes in Oklahoma. 

Ride a Jet Ski

Boating isn’t the only way to get around Grand Lake. For guests with a need for speed, we recommend zooming across the lake on a jet ski. Grand Lake’s wide-open spaces give you plenty of room to zip around, and you can easily navigate the lake’s many channels. If you need to rent one, we have jet ski rentals available at Shangri-La marina as well. 

Reach New Heights Parasailing

Thrillseekers on Monkey Island love parasailing on Grand Lake. Ride on a boat before getting strapped into a harness attached to a canopy wing, which resembles a parachute. After being strapped in, the boat will accelerate, and you’ll get sent up higher and higher into the sky. This watersport is definitely not for those with a fear of heights! However, once in the air, you’ll have excellent views of Monkey Island, Grand Lake, and the area’s gorgeous scenery. Parasailing is undoubtedly an experience you’ll remember forever. 

Stay in Luxury on Monkey Island

After an exciting day out on Grand Lake, return to Shangri-La Resort and relax in well-appointed accommodations. In addition to our resort and marina, Shangri-La also offers a championship golf course, tantalizing restaurants, and on-site activities. Whether you’re traveling for business or taking a good old-fashioned family vacation, we have you covered. Book with us online now!