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Your Guide to Exploring Monkey Island, Oklahoma

If you’re looking for a vacation destination that’s equal parts relaxing and adventurous, look no further than Shangri-La Resort. Found at the tip of Money Island in northeast Oklahoma, our lakefront resort is the perfect place to unwind from the stress of everyday life while creating lifelong memories. We have gone the extra mile to ensure our grounds have everything you need for the ultimate getaway.

Nestled on the shores of Grand Lake, there are countless things to do both on-site and nearby. After dropping your bags off in your spacious accommodation, set off to discover how many incredible attractions and activities you can find. To help give you a head start, we’ve made a list of some of our favorite adventures. If you are planning on venturing away from the resort, call the concierge desk at 918-257-7705 to learn more about our shuttle service.

A Checklist of Things to Do on or near Monkey Island

  1. Play your way through 27 holes of championship golf. Our on-site courses: Legends, Heritage, Champions, and The Battlefield, are ideal for golfers of all skill levels.
  2. Pamper yourself to a day at the spa in Monkey Island, Oklahoma. Treatment options range from massages to facials to nail care.
  3. Spend a day out on the lake. Sail Grand Waterfront, located at our marina, offers a range of rentals, including pontoons, fishing boats, and ski boats. 
  4. Test your luck at Cherokee Grove Casino, found only 10 minutes from the resort. The Oklahoma casino has hundreds of electronic games that may lead to a big payday.
  5. Surround yourself with stunning Fall flora at Lendonwood Gardens. This natural attraction near Monkey Island, Oklahoma, is home to eight gardens, each with its own theme.
  6. Enjoy playing Pickleball at our indoor courts or improving your golf game on the TrackMan Simulator at The Anchor.
  7. End each day in Monkey Island, Oklahoma, watching a breathtaking sunset from one of the numerous vantage points at the resort. We highly recommend the lighthouse, marina, The Anchor, and along the lakeshore.

Discover even more fun things to do and see on Monkey Island, Oklahoma, and at Shangri-La Resort by booking your stay today!

A Birdwatchers Guide to the Oklahoma Birds

In northeastern Oklahoma, Monkey Island is a picturesque destination to watch for birds. Each bird species has its own story to tell, and through patient observation, you gain insights into their lives and survival strategies. Shangri-La Resort is a magnificent resort in Oklahoma for birders and nature lovers that promises an unforgettable experience of luxury and recreational activities. 

Enjoy our resort’s plush accommodations, fine dining, activity park, golf courses, luxurious spa, and so much more in Grand Lake, Oklahoma! Our renowned Grand Lake resort offers a sanctuary of relaxation and adventure, catering to the desires of travelers seeking a truly memorable escape. Below are some of our favorite birds you can find during your stay in Oklahoma! 

Our 7 Favorite Birds You Can Find in Oklahoma

  1. House Finch: Vegans will be fond of the birds you can find in Oklahoma. Something unique about them is that they feed their nestlings a plant-based diet. 
  2. White-Breasted Nuthatch: You can attract These lovely birds by offering them large nuts such as peanuts and sunflower seeds.
  3. European Starling: All of these bird species in North America can be traced back to the 1890s when 100 birds were set loose in New York’s Central Park. They were released so that all the birds Shakespeare mentioned in his works would be in America. 
  4. House Wren: These tiny travelers have one of the biggest ranges of all songbirds. You can not only find these birds in Oklahoma but also in Canada, West Indies, Central America, and South America. 
  5. Mourning Dove: These elegant birds sure have a healthy appetite. They will eat up to 20% of their body weight every day. Maybe that’s why the oldest recorded Mourning Dove was 30 years old! 
  6. Rock Pigeon: Egyptian hieroglyphics suggest that humans have domesticated pigeons for over 5,000 years. Rock Pigeons carried vital messages for the U.S. military during the World Wars.
  7. Pileated Woodpecker: These are some of America’s biggest and most stunning forest birds. These birds will be easy to spot while you’re in Oklahoma with their flaming red, white, and black coloring. 

Book your stay at Shangri-La Resort for an ultimate retreat that blends natural beauty with the finest modern luxuries!

Experience Adventure With Grand Lake Rentals

From the moment you arrive at Shangri-La Resort, you are captivated by the luxurious ambiance nestled on Grand Lake in Oklahoma. With the convenience and quality of the boat and watersport rentals from Shangri-La Resort’s Marina, a day on Grand Lake becomes an unforgettable experience of thrills and endless fun. We offer a full-service marina with boat rentals, snacks, boat services, and shuttles to our golf courses and restaurants. 

Our Grand Lake resort offers a haven of relaxation and indulgence, boasting upscale amenities and impeccable customer service in Monkey Island, Oklahoma. Whether you choose to unwind in the spa, take a rejuvenating dip in the pool, nourish yourself in fine dining, have a blast at our massive activity park, or tee off on our meticulously designed golf courses, every moment at Shangri-La Resort is tailored to provide a blissful escape. 

Cruise Grand Lake with Shangri-La Boat Rentals

Shangri-La Resort offers more than 1,300 miles of Grand Lake shoreline you can explore on our boat and watercraft rentals. Our Ship Store is where you can shop for boat accessories, snacks, beer, soft drinks, cleaning supplies, and a full line of swimwear and resort attire. Our well-seasoned staff provides hands-on service on the dock with both fuel and pump-out facilities. We offer diesel fuel and 87-octane ethanol-free gasoline. 

Find your perfect boat rental to explore Grand Lake from our options, including: 

Embark on a Grand Lake Parasailing Adventure

We have other thrilling watersport rentals and charters with which you can explore Grand Lake. Sail Grand at Shangri-La Resort has the only parasailing activity in Oklahoma. Enjoy a bird’s eye view of Monkey Island soaring from 500 feet in the air. We also have plenty of other personal watercraft rentals to try out. The ride-on Hydroport fuel docks are perfect for personal watercraft riders. Visit the Sail Grand website for specific information on watercraft availability. 

Relax at Eddy’s Lakeside Bar

Guests can take a break from the fun of exploring Grand Lake on their boat and water sports rentals at Eddy’s Lakeside Bar. Enjoy a delicious burger at our lively Lakeside Bar and Grill on Grand Lake, and enjoy live music on Saturdays at 8 pm under the stars!

Book your stay today at Shangri-La Resort, a true paradise nestled in a serene world of its own!

Spend a Day at the Farmers Market in Grand Lake, Oklahoma

Shangri-La Resort is one of the most luxurious resorts in the Grand Lake, Oklahoma, area. Explore our activity park, relaxing spa, plush accommodations, golf courses, and other high-end amenities. Our Grand Lake resort overflows with grandeur and thrilling things to do on-site. Although Shangri-La Resort has a premier selection of restaurants on-site, we know some guests might want to purchase snacks and souvenirs in the area. 

There is so much to experience and explore at Shangri-La Resort and the surrounding area. You can read all about it on the Shangri-La Resort Blog Page! While staying at our Grand Lake resort, you can visit the farmers market to browse through locally produced and handmade goodies. You can also enjoy live entertainment and other fun activities while you’re doing your shopping. Keep reading to learn the inside scoop!

Spend a Day at the Grove Farmers Market by Grand Lake

Head to the Grove Farmers Market for food trucks, accessories, baked goods, apparel, fresh flowers, cotton candy, locally produced ice cream, handmade soaps, and more. For more information about this Grand Lake farmers market, check out their Facebook Page!

Where: 103 W Third St. Grove, OK 74344

When: Refer to their Facebook Page or call (918) 786-9079 for the most up-to-date information. 

Distance: 16.5-mile drive from Shangri-La Resort

Visit the Ottawa County Farmers Market Near Grand Lake

The Ottawa County Farmers Market is a vibrant community hub on the Miami Fairgrounds. You can head to this Grand Lake area farmers market to enjoy live music, cooking demonstrations, shopping, food tastings, giveaways, and free recipes! You can shop for flowers, bath products, baked goods, honey, medicinal oils, fruit wines, and more – all made made within 75 miles of Miami, Oklahoma. 

Where: The Expo Building on the Miami Fairgrounds at 1129 E St SW, Miami, Oklahoma 74354, United States.

When: From May – August, every Thursday from 3 – 7 p.m. You can also contact them at 918-332-4365, their website, or their Facebook Page for the most up-to-date information!

Distance: 25.1-mile drive from Shangri-La Resort

Book your stay today at Shangri-La Resort to experience a thrilling mix of adventures and pure bliss!

Book Your Dream Grand Lake Vacation in April 2023

If you’re looking for a serene and picturesque vacation destination in April 2023, look no further than Shangri-La Resort. Our Grand Lake resort offers a massive activity park, fine dining, lakeside golf courses, a relaxing spa, a full-service marina, live entertainment, and plush accommodations. That’s just the beginning of what makes Shangri-La one of the premier Oklahoma resorts on Grand Lake. April 2023 is a great time to book your vacation because we have two upcoming events you don’t want to miss! Keep reading to learn more. 

Step Back in Time at the Grand Lake Bootlegger’s Ball

Spend your spring vacation traveling through time from April 2023 to the prohibition era in Oklahoma. The South Grand Lake Chamber of Commerce puts on a Bootleggers Ball every year to celebrate the return of lake season. Book your stay today at Shangri-La Resort to join in on the prohibition-era-themed fun

Get the night of fun started with cocktails at the cash bar. Then enjoy fine dining with a murder mystery! Attendees are encouraged to wear prohibition-era attire. Dress to the nines in flapper dresses, pearls, fedoras, and zoot suits. The event is open to the public, so have a blast with locals and travelers alike. Start planning your April 2023 vacation with the information below:

Where: Shangri-La Resort at 57301 E, Highway 125, Monkey Island, OK 74331.

When: The Grand Lake Bootleggers Ball will be on April 22, 2023. The bar will open at 5 p.m., the games will begin at 6 p.m., and the live auction will begin at 8 p.m.

Tickets: Tickets are $75 a person or $550 for a table of eight people. You can purchase tickets by calling 918-782-3214.

Enjoy an Eggcellent Family Vacation in April 2023

In 2022, we hosted our first annual Easter Egg Hunt at The Anchor! Our annual Easter Egg Hunt is FREE to the public for all kids ages 12 and under to enjoy. Don’t forget to bring your camera and your childs Easter basket, because your kids will also get to meet the Easter Bunny. Book your vacation for the next Easter Egg Hunt at Shangri-La Resort on April 9, 2023. 

Book your vacation in April 2023 to join these exciting events at Shangri-La Resort!