With a great bar menu, a wide variety of beverages, an extensive wine selection and five flat screen televisions, the Buffalo Bar at Shangri-La has become the gathering spot for golfers, sports fans and friends who simply want to relax in an atmosphere of casual elegance. Table seating or bar seating is available. Dining and drinking is also available on the adjacent balcony with two more flat screens. If the event you’re looking for is televised, there’s always a screen available to watch it at the Buffalo Bar.

Hours of Operation

Open to members and resort guests daily

11:00-4:00 Mon-Wed

11:00-9:00 Thurs and Sun

11:00-10:00 Fri and Sat

Open to the public Sunday evenings.

Ready for a light lunch or snack before you hit the course?

The Turnhouse Cafe is located outside next to the practice tees.

Open to the public 8 AM – 6 PM.