“There’s a lot to do at Shangri-La – and all over Monkey Island,” she says. “But it’s really all about the people. The Island is a special place full of very special people. We’ve made more friends here than we have anywhere. I’m so glad we made the move a permanent one. We’re home!”
Kevin & Kim Brady
Shangri-La Resort on Grand Lake
“We’ll never leave the Shangri-La area,” Kenny says flatly. “Eddy Gibbs built a beautiful playground for all of us to play on. There’s no reason for us to leave this place. I don’t ever want to live more than a golf cart drive away from Shangri-La.” Kenny’s favorite Shangri-La amenity is obviously the golf course. A four time Shangri-La Club Champion who boasts two career hole-in-one shots, he is a fixture at the Friday Night Horse Race Competition. “That’s my favorite activity by far,” he says. “How far it has grown is amazing. It’s a giant social event with a competitive aspect. It’s definitely something I look forward to all week long.”
Heather & Kenny Cole
“Living on Monkey Island is everything I hoped it would be…and more,” Brian says. “No hurries. No worries.” “And everybody knows your name,” Debbie adds. “We absolutely love it here. When we lived in Seneca, we knew everybody. When we moved to Monkey Island, we were starting from scratch. But everybody just took us in as soon as we moved here. We are far busier here with a social life and social events than we were living in Seneca.” “It was a great move,” Brian concludes. “Living on Monkey Island is even better than I expected.”
Brian and Debbie Mitchell
Shangri-La Golf Club
“We love our social life here,” Gaylyn says. “The people here are all so connected. We’ve always been very social in our business careers… and now we get to be in the social business full-time. We love Grand Lake and all our friends here – karaoke friends, golf friends, dinner friends, Island Park neighbors, Shangri-La friends – and friends who just drop by the house unexpectedly. It’s a special place.”
Tom and Gaylyn Haynes
Doc's outdoor patio at Shangri-La Resort
“The Shangri-La Golf Course and Club House, the Resort Hotel and additional venues, the great growth of the lake community, the economy, and now the fabulous Anchor activity park – it’s awesome. I was even the very first customer at Shangri-La’s new Monkey Grind coffee shop. It’s just a great place to live.”
Mike & Lori Magoulas