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Explore the Lendonwood Gardens in Oklahoma

A vacation at the Shangri-La Resort is nothing short of a dream come true. Our world-class destination offers an unforgettable experience with plush accommodations, an activity park, lakeside golfing, and fine dining. Nearby, our upscale Grand Lake resort in Oklahoma is Lendonwood Gardens. 

Explore the eight gardens at Lendonwood Gardens, featuring 75 varieties of Japanese maples, 25 varieties of dogwoods, 200 varieties of conifers, 125 varieties of hostas, more than 500 varieties of daylilies, and 25 varieties of viburnums. Begin your visit at the Welcome Center for a butterfly stamp and a bingo card of items at the garden that, if you find, you could win a prize. Click here to see photos of Lendonwood Gardens to get a taste of its distinctive beauty. 

Take a Stroll Through 8 Distinct Lendonwood Gardens 

1. Azalea Garden

This garden was established in the Lendonwood Gardens in the 1970s and boasts a lovely palette of pink, lavender, white, and red hues in the spring. Set your sights on magnolias, mature pink dogwoods, redbud, Japanese Maples, yew, and a large Canadian hemlock.

2. American Backyard Garden

The plants in this garden can thrive with minimal water and bloom with vibrant colors in the summer. The gazebo is the centerpiece of this garden, featuring zinnias, marigolds, crape myrtle, Knockout roses, and several varieties of daylilies.

3. Display Garden

You can find this garden near the entrance of the Lendonwood Gardens. This is where you will find most of Lendonwood’s collection of 75 diverse varieties of Japanese maples. One of the most significant treasures in this garden is the Dawn Redwood, which was once thought to be extinct. 

4. Oklahoma Garden

Come and venture through this garden with plants and trees that thrive in the diverse Oklahoma climate. They have all been certified as “Oklahoma Proven” by the Oklahoma State University Extension Service.

5. English Terrace Garden

You will find this lovely Oklahoma garden near the back of the Lendonwood Gardens. Explore numerous rhododendrons, Thuja Green Giant evergreens, a weeping katsura tree, a beautiful magnolia tree, and a variegated dogwood.

6. Oriental Garden

This garden highlights the plants that thrive in the shade, with peak bloom time beginning in the summer. Stroll to the end of this garden to set your eyes on a 150-foot stream with pools emptying into each other.

7. Japanese Pavilion

This is a popular attraction in the Lendonwood Gardens inspired by the Hosokawa Pavilion in Japan. From the pavilion, you will get a stunning view of the Koi Pond framed by the surrounding garden. 

8. Angel of Hope Garden

Inspired by the novel The Christmas Box, this garden is dedicated to all those who have lost a loved one, especially a child. Every year on Children’s Day (December 6), the Lendonwood Gardens hosts a remembrance ceremony at the Angel of Hope statue in this garden.

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Your Guide to the Best Route 66 Attractions

Route 66 is filled with iconic attractions and is among the most famous roads in the world. It spans over 2,400 miles and eight states, starting in the booming city of Chicago and ending on the Pacific Coast in Santa Monica. Since 1926, the Mother Road has brought people together on journeys through iconic United States destinations. The Oklahoma portion of Route 66 is a captivating journey through time, culture, and the American spirit. 

Shangri-La Resort is an enchanting Oklahoma resort to stop during your journey nestled on Grand Lake. Immerse yourself in a resort that seamlessly blends luxury, natural beauty, and exhilarating activities. We crafted each lodging option to offer modern comforts while showcasing the beauty of the natural surroundings. Relax after a day on the road in our rejuvenating spa or on one of our lakeside golf courses. You’ll also be able to indulge in a delectable culinary experience with our diverse dining options

Top Route 66 Attractions on the Ultimate Mother Road Trip

Illinois – Grant Park

Too many vintage attractions on Route 66 have been lost, but you can find the “End Historic Route 66” sign at the Jackson and Michigan Avenues intersection.

Missouri – Gillioz Theatre

This has been one of the greatest old theaters in the Midwest since it was built in 1926. 

Kansas – Brush Creek Bridge

Check out the last remaining fixed Marsh Rainbow Arch bridge on Kansas Route 66.

Oklahoma – Shangri-La Resort

Unwind by taking in the natural beauty of Grand Lake at our full-service marina, our luxurious spa services, or enjoy fine dining. You can also get out and spread your legs at our activity park featuring arcade games, simulator bays, virtual reality games, a wiffleball park, and so much more. We truly stand out as one of the most enchanting attractions in Oklahoma just a 30 minute detour from Route 66. 

Texas – McLean Commercial Historic District

This is one of the best Route 66 attractions to get a glimpse of what it was like in its full glory during the mid-20th century. 

New Mexico – La Bajada Mesa

Explore one of the most well-preserved and historically significant sections of El Camino Real

Arizona – Petrified Forest National Park

Venture through the largest concentration of petrified wood, historic structures, archeological sites, multi-hued badlands of the Painted Desert, and over 200 million-year-old fossils.

California – Broadway Theater and Commercial District

Step into a stunning example of Los Angeles and Southern California’s fast-expanding growth between 1900 and 1910.

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A Birdwatchers Guide to the Oklahoma Birds

In northeastern Oklahoma, Monkey Island is a picturesque destination to watch for birds. Each bird species has its own story to tell, and through patient observation, you gain insights into their lives and survival strategies. Shangri-La Resort is a magnificent resort in Oklahoma for birders and nature lovers that promises an unforgettable experience of luxury and recreational activities. 

Enjoy our resort’s plush accommodations, fine dining, activity park, golf courses, luxurious spa, and so much more in Grand Lake, Oklahoma! Our renowned Grand Lake resort offers a sanctuary of relaxation and adventure, catering to the desires of travelers seeking a truly memorable escape. Below are some of our favorite birds you can find during your stay in Oklahoma! 

Our 7 Favorite Birds You Can Find in Oklahoma

  1. House Finch: Vegans will be fond of the birds you can find in Oklahoma. Something unique about them is that they feed their nestlings a plant-based diet. 
  2. White-Breasted Nuthatch: You can attract These lovely birds by offering them large nuts such as peanuts and sunflower seeds.
  3. European Starling: All of these bird species in North America can be traced back to the 1890s when 100 birds were set loose in New York’s Central Park. They were released so that all the birds Shakespeare mentioned in his works would be in America. 
  4. House Wren: These tiny travelers have one of the biggest ranges of all songbirds. You can not only find these birds in Oklahoma but also in Canada, West Indies, Central America, and South America. 
  5. Mourning Dove: These elegant birds sure have a healthy appetite. They will eat up to 20% of their body weight every day. Maybe that’s why the oldest recorded Mourning Dove was 30 years old! 
  6. Rock Pigeon: Egyptian hieroglyphics suggest that humans have domesticated pigeons for over 5,000 years. Rock Pigeons carried vital messages for the U.S. military during the World Wars.
  7. Pileated Woodpecker: These are some of America’s biggest and most stunning forest birds. These birds will be easy to spot while you’re in Oklahoma with their flaming red, white, and black coloring. 

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Planning a Group Vacation to Grand Lake O’ The Cherokees

If you’re planning your next great group vacation, look no further than Shangri-La Resort on northeastern Oklahoma’s Grand Lake O’ The Cherokees. Our 119-guestroom resort features indoor and outdoor dining, a waterfront bar and grill, indoor and outdoor pools, and a spa and fitness center. However, it’s our conference center and team-building experiences that make us a hit with group travelers. 

Our indoor meeting venue boasts over 9,000 square feet of flexible meeting space. Our property is teeming with things to do for every type of group vacation, whether you are planning a corporate retreat, a family reunion, or an association meeting. Keep reading to learn more about planning a group vacation with Shangri-La Resort.

Team Building your Team Will Love 

You can count on Shangri-La Resort to jazz up your event with our long menu of activities and team-building packages. We have a variety of group sports at The Anchor, our new nautical-themed indoor/outdoor activity park. This state-of-the-art recreational experience offers basketball, cornhole, and Mini-Fenway Park replica offering WIFFLE Ball. The Racquet Club Facility has outdoor tennis and pickleball courts with a viewing area that can seat 20 fans to cheer on the competitors.  

As you go about planning your group vacation schedule, consider our sleek virtual reality games, including a golf simulator, indoor virtual reality escape rooms, and shooting simulators. Other fun options to add to the agenda are The Anchor Olympics, Ultimate Arcade challenge, or Adventure Hunt team competitions, which are guaranteed to create lasting memories and loads of laughs. 

Give your Group a Little “Me Time” 

During off-time, your attendees can take a dip in our luxurious resort-style pool or bask in the sun on comfortable lounge chairs and daybeds or simply rent a private cabana. We are happy to accommodate kids, too! Adjacent to the pool is our Water Splash Park, plus there is an on-site playground for the little ones to burn off energy. 

Outdoor enthusiasts and athletes will appreciate our nice selection of outdoor opportunities. Golfers can’t resist our lush 27 championship holes. We have a variety of watercraft available, and those looking for a fierce sporting competition can head down to the sand volleyball courts next to the Marina on Grand Lake. 

The Ultimate Group Vacation Destination

A group vacation at Shangri-La ResortWith our state-of-the-art facilities, fabulous amenities, and abundant activities, Shangri-La Resort is the ultimate group vacation destination. We can’t wait to share our beautiful resort amenities with you and your party. Let us help plan your group vacation today; call us today at 918-257-4204 or check availability online to book your stay at our resort on Grand Lake.